Kingdom Legacy Records is in search of band members for our artist Becky Mireles De Leon who is getting ready to release her first project on the Kingdom Legacy Records label.  We are wanting to build a band around the message that she has been given that will help deliver and minister the word that has been released to her.

Make no mistake this will be a praise and worship band that is looking to go as far as the Lord will send us using our gifts.  We are looking for serious, highly motivated musicians, back up singers and other talents that God will send our way with the expressed purpose of starting a band to push out the message that God has been giving Becky over the last several years.

Our band philosophy will be similar to our label philosophy and that will be to put out the messages God gives us, in excellence and manage the band in dedication to Christ and in excellence allowing God to do all He wants to do with us.  We believe the larger the platform the larger the audience who will be touched my the message.  By no means will we want to lift up the artists over what God is doing through them.  The message must always be from God, the purpose must always be to win souls and the way we do that must always be in excellence.

The band will be focused on creating what God gives us to create and then ministering that message to the world.  The label, as a business, will be focused on handling the business in excellence so that the band never had to take their focus off of the ministry.  We are looking for like minded people who would like to see this all the way through!

Becky De Leon Screen Shot From Oh Holy Night Music Video

To help you get into the Christmas mood (the one that is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ), here is an amazing rendition of Oh Holy Night by Becky Mireles De Leon.