2020 was a cold year and for those of us in San Antonio it ended with the coldest night we had all year.  Besides the bad 2020 also brought a lot of good too.  Blessings throughout the year have culminated into a NEW MEMBER the Kingdom Legacy Records family and we could thing of no better night to make this announcement to the world!  Introducing the exciting, entertaining and most importantly PRAYING DJ we know DJ ROYAL LOVE!

In this KLR Special we recorded live New Year’s Eve 2020 we highlight our new DJ with a special mix by the man himself.  We started off the evening with and interview featuring Becky De Leon as she was interviewed live on Thunderstorm Radio and continued with new music from Janet Bowie and Poetic Soulja and interviews with Kingdom Legacy Artists and a special interview with our newest member DJ Royal Love.

Watch the full night and find lots of great topics, ministry, blessings and more as we ring in the New Year in unity.