Capone De Leon is the founder and first artist to sign with Kingdom Legacy Records.  As a rap artist Capone started back in 1983 as a 5th grader in school where he started rapping as a way to impress his classmates.  Having so many of his classmates find his lyrics interesting, he decided he wanted more.  He got the idea that if he started rapping against gangs and drugs that maybe the school would give him a bigger platform to perform and it worked.  He performed his first concert in front of the entire school and that is all it took, he was hooked.

Elementary school was not such a hassle, but as soon as he got into Jr. High and High school the gangs situations in California at the time took a major toll on his writing. Combine that with the desire to find fame in a world where gangsta rap was on the rise and Capone's lyrics began to take a much darker turn. It wasn't until after graduation and moving back to San Antonio that the Holy Spirit really touched Capone and turned him back to Christ.


Even though it wasn't and instant transformation, he was back on the right track turning his dark lyrics back to positive messages where they originally started.  He was even blessed by the Holy Spirit with a plan for moving forward in his new life and after a year of writing down the plan that he was given the Local Hero Program was born.  This program was presented through Family Fiesta, Inc.  a non-profit organization started by he and his mother to help reach lost young people.

For over a decade, the Local Hero Program was presented to schools across the country and Capone De Leon touched thousands of lives with his first release "Thinking Of A Master Plan."  This was the CD that was presented to young people in an effort to see what they are facing in the world and to help them find a better way.  Colleges, schools, churches all found his music and message to be a powerful tool in reaching the young people of their community and the Local Hero Program garnered major support, news recognition and national awards.


After years of pushing the Local Hero program, struggling for every inch of ground that was being gained, things were not going as they should be.  Then one day Becky Mireles walked into Capone's life and started helping him with a dying Local Hero Program.  Years were spent trying to advance the program, but ground was being lost not won and Capone and Becky decided to take a break from pushing the Local Hero Program as they started a new life and a new family together.  Together they had their fist child together Angelina and life started to weigh in hard.  The pressures of the world, finances, and a falling away from their calling started to put a strain on their marriage and on their souls.  Even through all of that the family kept growing as Capone Jr. and Cappella were born into the family.  Never the less the attacks didn't end.  The attacks of the enemy almost brought their marriage to an end.

Finally a physical attack put Becky down to where she couldn't have to get out of bed for over a year.  This brought them back to chasing the Lord with all their heart and with Capone having to take care of Becky's every need a new love was sparked.  This new love for the Lord and for each other brought them to the point where they decided to completely turn their talents and their ministry over to the Lord.  This new life brought new life in every way and their last daughter Catalyna was born.


Turning it all over to the Lord Capone decided to change the name of Untouchable Underground Records to Kingdom Legacy Records removing everything about the name that was designed to reference Capone and focus on the Kingdom of God.   The Legacy was inserted to focus on looking forward to the future.



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